Legazpi, the capital of the province of Albay and the government center of Bicol, is one of the Philippines’ premier destinations and among the fastest growing cities. Situated on the shores of the Albay Gulf, 16 kilometers southeast of the beautifully symmetrical Mt. Mayon, Legazpi is blessed with a spectacular landscape and scenery that has enthralled visitors and graced innumerable photos and postcards over the years.

Legazpi is also the most convenient gateway to Bicol owing to its central location in the geographic heart of the region and its complete land, air, and sea transportation facilities. The city also has all the modern amenities and facilities for the tourists’ convenience – from several malls and shopping hubs to hotels and inns catering to a wide range of budgets.

Renowned as a tourist city for many decades because of world-famous Mayon Volcano, the Legazpi of today is more than just your front seat to Mayon or jump-off point to Bicol’s attractions. Offering a fusion of nature, adventure and culture experiences, Legazpi is already a complete destination by itself.

New tourism developments introduced in the past few years have reaffirmed Legazpi not only as a place where nature’s grandeur abounds, but also as an adventure destination and a melting pot of Bicolano culture.


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